Sunday, May 06, 2018

Don´t wait for your muse to come ...

 ... start NOW! That´s what all artists tell you, and they´re so right - otherwise you´ll get stuck with your projects and have to make Halloween and Winter journal pages in May ;-)
I received two letter journals from my sister Sabine in November and January (?) to make entries in them, and she said that I could take my time, but then came the new job, new worries followed the old ones, I didn´t have any time to create at all for many weeks, and then I felt completely uninspired. Well, today I felt uninspired as always, but at least I´ve had TIME, and so I just started making these and yes, finished them. And in fact, I don´t believe that the results would have been better if I had waited for my muse - sometimes things just have to be done, and you just have to like what comes out. I hope my sister will like these entries, too.

The Sky is the Limit

I really like to play with what´s already on my desk, so for this week´s Sunday Postcard Art challenge themed "Crowns and Wings", I´ve used one of my Postage People again - and who wouldn´t like to see Audrey crowned and winged? So here she is, trying her new wings ... I´ve used stamps from BLine, Stampotique and Red Lead for my card this week.

Monday, April 30, 2018

It´s Party Time Again!

Yes! It´s that time of the year again to celebrate Mischief Circus´ birthday, and it´s the 8th now. As someone who isn´t interested in traditional digital scrapbooking but loves to make digital art, this is really a reason to celebrate - where else could I get the basic images for my kind of digital art?
The theme for this year´s birthday collaboration is "Altered Reality", and I´ve already been shopping tonight ... I´ve made these two samples with Beth Todd´s Songbirdy kits Altered Elements and Papers.
There´s a wonderful sale at Mischief Circus right now, and of course Nancy Baumiller from Crowabout StudioB is having a sale, too!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Mail Art

My sister Sabine is hosting this week´s Sunday Postcard Art challenge, an her theme is Mail Art. Well, tell me "Mail Art", and all I hear is Postage People - so here´s Martin Luther´s wife Katharina von Bora taking a trip to the early 20th century, and it seems like it´s your job to say if this is mail art or not ... all I can say is that I´ve had fun making this card.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Friends for Today

Thanks to my brother-in-law´s help, I´m finally able to print images again, and I couldn´t resist making my first cut and paste collage again immediately ... The background is from Nancy Baumiller´s new release Gratitude Artist Papers, and the other images from her older kits Dear One, Being & Becoming, and Free Spirit Alpha.

Monday, April 02, 2018

Sunday Evening Fun with my Gelli Plate

Yesterday I´ve had time to play with my gelli plate and try a few techniques I hadn´t tried before. I´ve always wanted to make a bird print inspired by Barbara Gray´s lovely video, and here´s my first attempt:
 As you can see, I didn´t follow the steps in the video exactly. Next I´ve tried a transfer technique from a Birgit Koopsen video:

I´ve also made a few backgrounds just to cut them into postcards and ATCs later, but I´ve also scanned them for using them in my digital projects:
These may not look spectacular and have no eye focus, but I´m pretty sure they´ll make great backgrounds - you´ll probably see them used here on my blog sooner or later ...

Sunday, April 01, 2018

It´s Postage People Time Again!

Mandy from the Sunday Postcard Art challenge blog suggested that I could do a Postage People theme once again, and that was a great excuse to pull out my postage stamps album showing heads again (yes, I have a special album for those head stamps ...).
Usually I just try the postage stamps that I have in my collection on several stamped images, but of course you can also use collage images or just draw your own persons. I always end with a bunch of different characters like these ...
Some are too small for a 4 x 6 postcard, so I`ll use them for ATCs, and those that are too big will probably end on an art journal page later. In this case, I´ve picked two characters that seemed to correspond, and I´ve built a story around them, led by the theme of the left postage stamp, chess. As I own several chess stamps and had some appropriate papers and tapes in my stash, the design came together step by step. I really can´t wait to see your Postage People!
Tonight I´ve put together a quick digital Postage People card just to show you that you don´t have to use real stamps if you don´t have any - for my Lincoln and Eisenhower meeting (a historical sensation worth documenting!) I´ve used images from Angie Young, Vicky Robinson, Emily Abramson, Sissy Sparrows, Marcee Duggar, Paula Kesselring, and Little Butterfly Wings.

Monday, March 19, 2018


Lovely colour harmonies in pink, purple and green, beautiful backgrounds and a dreamy atmosphere characterize the new Mauveine Elements and Papers from Songbirdy that I´ve used for these two digital collages.