Sunday, March 29, 2015

Full Moon

This week´s theme for the Sunday Postcard Art challenge is "Full Moon / Eclipse", so I`ve pulled out my Goddess Diana stamp as she´s not only the Roman goddess of Hunting, but also of the Moon (besides Luna), as well as the protectress of women.
I have used stamps from Cherry Pie, Stamp Francisco and Red Lead for my card as well as a lovely planets tape.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Vagabond Adventures

Vagabond Adventures is the name of the latest shopwide collaboration over at that came out today - and it´s wonderful!
I´ve been playing with Tumble Fish Studio´s part of it for my digital collage above, called "Coming Home", and the cut and paste Moleskine journal page below, called "Luggage Lady".
And I couldn´t resist shopping a few of the other designers´ kits and get the large free add-on kit!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Egg People

Yes, it´s that time of the year again, time to blow some eggs and paint your Easter eggs! You already know that I do that every year together with a few friends, and it´s always great fun and sort of a happening.
I´ve had "drawing faces" on my to do list for 2015, so when I took a look at my eggs, I decided to use them as my canvas for that resolution. I have used acrylic paints and coloured pencils for my eggs, and I like the results more than any of the faces I had drawn on paper before ...

Monday, March 16, 2015

Make Your Own Smile!

Do you remember Tumble Fish Studio´s kit Wispy Pieces from last week? The good news is that Marsha came out with the fabulous "Wispy Pieces 2" today which means more eyes, noses, mouths and patterns for your digital art! They especially look great when used together with black and white images; that really makes them pop. Have fun playing!
For my sample above, Make Your Own Smile, I´ve added b/w elements from Marsha´s older kits Nitty Gritty 1 and 2, Journaling Pieces, and Freestyle 2.
For "Drawn" below, I´ve added pieces from Marsha´s kits Nitty Gritty 4 and 5 and Nitty Gritty Neighborhood.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Grief is a Private Land

Sometimes I´m tired of all that art stuff using affirmations like "You´re strong" etc. - what if you´re just feeling weak? It´s necessary to work with your grief, to shed tears for a while to get over it instead of running away from grief. For me, January felt like a month when many people passed away, more than usual. And with darkness and cold outside, you have to find a reason to carry on within yourself. Art can definitely be helpful, and art that tells about someone´s grief always speaks to my soul.
This is why I´ve chosen "Grief/Tears" as this week´s theme for the Sunday Postcard Art challenge.
For my sample card, I´ve used a stamp of a woman from Viva Las Vegas, and alpha stamps from Darkroom Door, and added the woman´s body by collaging an old map. The paint drip technique seemed to be appropriate to illustrate the tears running down the lady´s face which are hidden by her hands here.
And what about the quote? I´ve had it in my notebook for a while and think that it says the truth in a very short way, just like Anne Morrow Lindbergh said it a bit longer:
"Grief can´t be shared. Everyone carries it alone. His own burden in his own way." Sad but true.
I´m very curious to see what everyone else will create for this challenge - what about you?

And here´s a little extra surprise for those who took the trouble to come to my blog and who will leave a comment on this post - I´ll pick one of your names on Saturday and will ask that person for his/her address to send my card to him/her. Maybe it will bring a little solace to someone who needs it?

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Nitty Gritty Again

Tumble Fish Studio at has come out with her latest Nitty Gritty kit today which is Nitty Gritty 5. I´ve made a cut and paste Moleskine journal page with it that you can see below, and the digital collage below.
And if you think that every black and white collage needs some colour, you should have a look at Marsha´s other new kit called "Whispy Pieces 1" that enables you to insert colourful eyes, noses and mouths as well as background patterns - this one is a digital kit only.

Sunday, March 08, 2015

The Lifted Veil

This week my sister Sabine is hosting the Sunday Postcard  Art challenge, so I just had to play! Her theme is Street Art, and my card was made with stamps from Stempelbar. Maybe there´s some hidden dirt between everything beautiful ...