Sunday, September 17, 2023


I´ve had that PaperArtsy Rusting Powder on my desk for a while now but hadn´t tried it yet. When I saw this month´s theme for the Visible Image ATC swap "Rusty", its time had come! 

I used a brick stencil with gel medium, then used the powder on top and sprayed with a mixture of vinegar and water. I could see the effect very soon but let it work overnight, and I received a lovely brick texture of real rust. 

In advance, I had masked the snail on the ATC and the owl on the accompanying card and thought it might look interesting to use shimmering watercolours on these - just believe me that these look great, unfortunately my scanner doesn´t show the shimmer. Finally I added the text and embossed it in black and white.

Sunday, August 27, 2023

Coffee & Friends

For this week´s Sunday Postcard Art challenge, my sister Sabine picked the theme "Coffee or Tea". 

While I´ve been a passionate tea lover in my teenager years and twenties, I prefer coffee nowadays, partly because the water in the region where I live now is not good enough for brewing a great darjeeling ...

I like meeting friends for a cup of coffee sometimes, but while the girls on my card have a coffee to go, I never take a coffee with me, and the concept of coffee to go doesn´t make sense to me: I have my coffee at home in the morning, and then I´ll have two more at work, but why should I take one on my way to work? The tons of garbage speak their own language, and in my opinion they´re completely unnecessary ...

However, I´ve had fun making this card using stamps from Hampton Art/Rongrong, PaperArtsy/France Papillon and Art Journey.

Sunday, August 13, 2023

Polka Dots

I´ve made my card for this week´s Sunday Postcard Art challenge themed "Polka Dots" with stamps from Dina Wakley. 

Both women look quite unhappy, so I thought I´d give them some polka dots to lift them up because they stand for happiness and positive thoughts. Maybe it´s worth to paint some polka dots and look what´s happening then.

Saturday, August 05, 2023

Summer Vibes

This month´s theme for the Visible Image ATC swap is "Summer Vibes". You only have to make one ATC for your trade partner, but I love to make an accompanying card to send it, mostly using the same stamps, maybe combined differently. 

This time, I´ve used the same hippie girl stamp on a gessoed design paper that had musical notes and some flowers and therefore seemed to fit the flower power / hippie / festival theme I´ve chosen.

Sunday, July 30, 2023


Meow! Have a great weekend!
This week´s theme for the Sunday Postcard Art challenge is Cats in Hats, and I´m happy that I have this fabulous stamp by Brett Weldele in my stash.

Sunday, July 23, 2023


Shells are this week's theme for the Sunday Postcard Art challenge. For my card I´ve used stamps and a stencil fron Visible Image and a quote from Impression Obsession. The watercolours in the background have a lovely silvery shimmer that can´t be seen in the scan.

Sunday, July 16, 2023

Fake News

This card is about Fake News. We all know them, and some people don´t know any more what to believe. AI (KI in German) won´t make this situation any better ...

In my collage, this guy wants to tell us that the world literally turned upside down - fake news so far!

I´ve used stamps from Carabelle, Klartext and Heindesign for my card.

Sunday, July 09, 2023

Lost in Space


My sister Sabine has picked this week´s theme for the Sunday Postcard Art challenge, and it´s "Space". 

My card is about losing yourself, if in space or wherever else ...

You can get lost in space, in the deep sea or in your own cosmos. Did you ever had a feeling of being lost? Please let me know, and I hope that your cards for this week´s challenge tell me something personal about your own adventures.

Sunday, June 11, 2023

Breathe Underwater

Yes, this lady is a bathing beauty, but this card is not about happiness but about depression. Let´s all learn to breathe underwater, it might help someday.
Bathing Beauty is this week´s theme for the Sunday Postcard Art challenge, and I´m curious to see what the other participants have made for it.

Sunday, June 04, 2023

Would I lie to you?

Are these eyes able to lie to you? In fact we think of owls as wise, and the reason is probably that their eyes look like they´ve seen everything, past and future. So my owl themed card for this week´s Sunday Postcard Art challenge focuses these beautiful eyes. 

Sunday, May 21, 2023


My sister Sabine has chosen the theme for this week´s Sunday Postcard Art challenge, and it´s one that I also like. So many options!

Sunday, May 07, 2023


When I read this week´s theme for the Sunday Postcard Art challenge, I thought that I´d skip it as I´ve never made anything flamingo themed and pink isn´t my favourite colour. 

My second thought was "hm, what about Alice", but as my Alice stamps featuring a flamingo were much too small, I had to make a digital Alice + Flamingo card. For the card below, I´ve used images from Miles Beyond the Moon and Cheryl Budden. 

Then tonight, I´ve made a second flamingo card using rubber stamps from Dylusions and a few alphabet sets. Obviously the flamingo head and legs combined with a self-made collage body were a bit unbalanced, so I had found my words for this card, "Keep the Balance" - hope you´ll like its quirkyness.

Sunday, April 30, 2023

By the Sea

For a swap organized by Lenna Andrews at Creative Swaps, I´ve made this set of ATC themed "By the Sea". 
I´ve used stamps from Klartext, Darkroom Door, Acey Deucy, Studio Light and Red Lead for these.

Sunday, April 23, 2023

Where Do You Come From?

I´m hosting this week´s Sunday Postcard Art challenge, and I like to pick themes that give the participants lots of possibilities to interpret them and show their own definition of the theme. 

This week, I want to know where everyone comes from - sound easy, but is open for interpretation ...

When I think about myself, I could say that I come from Germany as I´ve never lived elsewhere. But does this define me? Is my country my home, or is it the city I live in? Or the place where I was born? Or my family? My home? Is there anything like a home for me? 

In my case, I was born in Cologne and lived there for 9 years, then moved to Bremen for the next ten years and then moved to Münster to study at the university, and I just stayed here. Even after 40 years of living here, I wouldn´t call it my home, whereas I still feel strong emotional connections to Cologne and Bremen. Feeling at home is a difficult thing.

I could have made cards about Cologne and Bremen and would even have had several stamps to illustrate them, but it would have felt like denying the fact that I´ve been in Münster for soooo long now and my whole life as an adult. 

So I asked myself what characterizes Münster for me. It´s not as big as Cologne or Bremen, it has only 320.000 inhabitants. So it somehow feels small and cozy. Most tourists like its center because it looks historical but really has been reconstructed after WWII because it had been destroyed almost completely. Only two of those picturesque houses at the famous Prinzipalmarkt are really old. We have much cobblestone here, more bicycles than inhabitatns, lots of one way streets, and there´s an old saying that in Münster it always rains or the bells of the many churches do ring. 
I´ve tried to illustrate some of these characteristics, combined with my feeling of this city as a young one that is shaped by its 65.000 students, and I´m very happy about this fact as we have more music, art, literature and other cultural life here than most other cities of this size. 

I hope that I´ve been able to capture a bit about this city, and now I´m curious about YOUR creations and the stories behind them. Please feel free to interpret the theme as you like!

Sunday, April 16, 2023

Rainy Day

Rainy Day is this week´s theme for the Sunday Postcard Art challenge. My card started as a collage of several papers torn from a magazine, then I added gesso and watercolours for the background and some stamps and watercolour pencils for the finished design.

Saturday, March 25, 2023

Postage People Again!

Probably a lot of you remember my blog swaps featuring Postage People. Though these happened long ago, these creatures want to come to life from time to time, and when my sister announced a Postage People swap and I knew I had one week off work, it all worked together. I´m pretty sure that I won´t need all these ATCs for the swap (and I have some more half finished on my table), but as always I just couldn´t stop making them. If you haven´t tried them, just do to feel the addiction. I´ll never get tired of these.

Friday, March 24, 2023

Sketchbook playing

I got out my watercolour sketchbook these days and found an old crow sketch that I decided to work over with watercolours.

Today I´ve been watching Tamara Laporte´s video on Sketchbook Revival 2023 and drew and painted this fox while watching. As I only used watercolours and pencils and didn´t work on it after the video, it has lots of mistakes, not enough white etc., but for such a quick sketch, I´m happy with the result.

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Spring Greens

The theme for this month´s Visible Image ATC swap was Spring Greens, so I knew I wanted to make an ATC that welcomes spring. 

The accompanying card was inspired by images of Chicago and its green coloured river celebrating St. Patrick´s Day. As always, the scan doesn´t show the shimmering mica sprays behind the city skyline ...

Sunday, March 12, 2023

Chicken Eggs

Once in a year, I´m having a fabulous afternoon and evening together with 3 of my best friends, painting Easter eggs and having fun with cake, beverages, music and political discussions. It´s one my highlights of each year, but usually I only paint two eggs. This year´s eggs show chickens as I´ve loved painting my chicken postcard recently. I have used watercolours and several pencils and markers here.

Sunday, March 05, 2023


When I saw that this week´s Sunday Postcard Art challenge theme was "Chicken", I thought "I know I have a matching stamp" ... then I didn´t find it tonight and drew my own chicken. Then I found that stamp but liked my own chicken so much more. Art is to be open to surprise yourself (and maybe others).

Sunday, February 26, 2023

Alice - First Step

For this week´s Sunday Postcard Art challenge themed Alice I´ve made a paper collage hand coloured and finished with some rubber stamps. Such a nice theme as Alice never gets boring, there´s always something new to find in this book.

Sunday, February 19, 2023


Wearing your everyday face can be a necessity or a betrayal. You should be allowed to just be you, but you´re not.

Here´s my card for this week´s Sunday Postcard Art challenge themed "Masks".

Sunday, February 12, 2023

Red Roses

Have you ever tried to scan something red? You´ll be surprised to see the result ... Reds that go well together in real life will look weird together on your scan. So you have to believe me that the reds on my card really look great together on the original card!

I´ve collaged two magazine photos of a woman and a bunch of red roses, used clear gesso upon them and painted them with watersoluble crayons, then added two stamps from Red Lead. 

And the whole card is my entry for this week´s Sunday Postcard Art challenge themed "Red Roses".

Thursday, February 09, 2023

Love is all around

Valentine themes are always difficult for me as I´m not into hearts and love themed art. So for this month´s Visible Image ATC swap themed "Love is all around" I took a different path that suited me more. This card and ATC reached Canada in high speed and and have found a loving home :-)

Wednesday, February 08, 2023

Imperfect Circles

For this year´s rubberstamping art project at Heindesign themed Circles, I´ve made this card using stamps from Red Lead, VivaLasVegaStamps and De Stempelwinkel. I think you can see how much fun I´ve had with this one!

Sunday, February 05, 2023

Bauhaus Design

Last night I´ve made two Bauhaus themed postcards to accompany a Bauhaus themed gift for a friend. Now I can´t decide which one I want to use for this purpose ... do you have a favourite?

Sunday, January 29, 2023

Light and Darkness

I´m hosting this week´s Sunday Postcard Art challenge this week with the theme "Light and Darkness".  

For my sample card I´ve picked a quote from Goethe´s play "Götz von Berlichingen": Wo viel Licht ist, ist starker Schatten. 

So I´ve used a custom made Goethe stamp, a light bulb from Katzelkraft and a text stamp from PaperArtsy to illustrate my thoughts. Plus gesso and shimmering watercolours of course.

I hope you´ll feel inspired to show us your own version of this theme this week!

Saturday, January 21, 2023

Butterfly Effect

We´ve all heard of the Butterfly Effect - doing one thing and causing many effects this way. That´s the thought behind my card for this week´s Sunday Postcard Art challenge. 

I´ve used stamps from Paper Artsy/ Lynne Perrella and Visible Image and used shimmery watercolours from VHAquarell for colouring.

Sunday, January 08, 2023

Year of the Rabbit


I never really got the idea of Chinese zodiac signs because I can´t believe that soneone born in the a specific year has something in common with everyone else born in that year. However, in a few days the Chinese new year will start, and it´s the Year of the Rabbit. 

When I read that this is the theme for this week´s Sunday Postcard Art challenge, I thought "hm, I know I have some rabbit stamps", but it wasn´t before tonight that I found out how many I have - and I won´t tell you ;-))

Then today I read that stamp designer Tracy Evans is ill with Covid right now, and I thought "Why not make a card with only her designs" ... and here it is, my card to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit - may it be a good one.