Sunday, October 17, 2021



You may have seen my last blog post, and trying some drawing again during the Life Book taster sessions has encouraged me to also draw my sample card for this week´s  Sunday Postcard Art challenge for that I´ve picked "Ravens and Crows" as my theme. 

If you know me a bit longer, you also know that I have LOTS of raven and crow stamps and have even hosted several raven themed ATC swaps myself. So it would have been easy to make something with them, but instead I started with a watercolour paper and sketched my raven head with a pencil. I added an eye from a Jane Davenport washi tape and painted my raven with watercolours, Then I chose more washi tape from Jane Davenport and AALL & Create for the background and painted the rest of the background. The raven was then enhanced with pencils and pens, and finally I added the VLVS "nevermore" stamp.

I´m pretty happy with my card and hope I´ll give drawing a try more often now, and I hope you´ll also like it and find it inspiring to make your own piece for this week´s challenge!

Sunday, October 03, 2021

Life Book Taster Lessons

Today I started watching the Life Book Taster lessons that are free for two weeks on Tamara Laporte´s Willowing site. 

When I saw Toni Burt´s "Quirky Girl" lesson, I decided to draw while watching it, and the picture below shows the result. Then she started putting watercolour and gouache on it, and I went on and had so much fun emphasizing my sketch. In the end I really liked my quirky character and think I´ll even frame it ...

My first trial of sketching while watching the video lesson was for Tamara´s "Focus on Love" portrait, and I liked that my person looks totally different from her style. I´ve taken notes on her way of colouring and using mixed media on this and will go on when I have more time.