Sunday, February 21, 2021

Zetti Magic

Last weekend I gathered my Zetti stamps and started to prepare a few ATCs for a Zetti themed swap in one of my ATC groups. When I came back to them today, they turned out completely different, and I think that´s the magic of Zettiology - when you´re in the process of making something Zetti styled, your thoughts tend to go wild and you get into a creative swirl and never know what you´ll end up with.

Snail Mail - a true story


Yes, this IS a true story, as the words on the left tell you. My sister sent me a package from Berlin on February 8. It couldn´t be delivered when it arrived in my town on February 10 because of the LOADS of snow we´ve had then. Okay. The same day, I found a card in my mailbox (how did it get there if the parcel service couldn´t reach my address??) that told me my package was handed over to a shop far away from me. I couldn´t go there because of the snow, so I applied for a second delivery three days later, which was confirmed by email. I´ve been waiting for my package on February 13 but it didn´t arrive. So when the snow had melted a bit and it was possible to go to a post office, I asked what I could do, and they couldn´t even find out where my package was - the shop told to me on that card has been closed for a whole week because of the snow so they couldn´t even tell me if my package ever arrived there. They asked me to wait. Then yesterday, I saw online that they told me the package wasn´t fetched by me - well, of course not as I had applied for a second delivery (which was written on the same web page). So today, I called the hotline a second time to ask what to do, but it didn´t help - my package had been sent back to Berlin last night and was delivered to my sister by noon. So the postal service is still alive and working, it just didn´t do what it should. Another phone call (couldn´t have done by me but had to be made by my sister) and she got an online refund to send the package again. Please pray for me that I´ll get it this time!!

This was the loooong story, and you can see the advantage of visual art: it really makes long stories short.

My card says it all with the help of rubber stamps - isn´t that easier? 

And guess what - this week´s theme for the Sunday Postcard Art challenge is "Snail Mail"!

Sunday, February 07, 2021



We´ve had much rain lately, but tonight we have loads of snow coming down which makes me want to have the rain back again ...

Rain is this week´s theme for the Sunday Postcard Art challenge.