Monday, June 29, 2015

Going Postal!

I´ve recently joined Nancy Baumiller´s creative team, and here are my first pieces for her Crowabout StudioB at Mischief Circus, all made with images from her new kit "Going Postal - Mail Art". I´ve had a lot of fun making Zetti styled cut and paste artwork with the collage sheets that come with her kit.
The first one above is a Moleskine journal page, the background is from Nancy´s kit "Flying Lessons".
The picture below shows a collage made on a mailing envelope with a background from her kit "Dress Up".
 And this third piece below is a Mail Art envelope, also made on a background from "Dress Up".

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Inspired by Dr Seuss

If you´re from the U. S., you probably know Dr Seuss, but if you´re from Germany, you probably don´t - in spite of his German name. In fact, there are only four of his books available in German translations, but I´m sure that you know some of his characters like The Grinch, Lorax or Horton, the elephant.
Did you know that Dr Seuss (1904-1991) even appears in the lyrics of the REM song "The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite" (with today´s U. S. pronunciation, though his name originally rhymed with "voice")?
Typically, Theodor Seuss Geisel used black and white with only one or two colours, many animal characters, and rhymed verses that are easy to read for beginners. And in contrary to a lot of German children´s books, his stories aren´t moralizing but celebrating fun. So what´s not to love about him? That´s the reason why I´ve picked "Inspired by Dr Seuss" as this week´s theme for the Sunday Postcard Art challenge: I ask you to capture the essence of his work but use your own images and not his - copyrighted! - images. Be inspired by his verses, quotes, characters and style! (Of course you can use those lovely U. S. postage stamps or even those few rubber stamps with his images, if you´re so lucky to own them.) Or just google his quotes and illustrate one of them - it´s up to you.
My sample card is a mixture of the above mentioned as I used one of his quotes, two of the postage stamps dedicated to him, and characters from his book "The Cat in the Hat" (in my own interpretation, using rubber stamps from Brett Weldele/Stampers Anonymous, PSX, My Favorite Things, Aladine/Stampo and Crafty Individuals and a hat image from Pixel Music), and I tried to use the same colours as this particular book.
I can´t wait to see your Dr Seuss cards this week!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Postage People Revisited Blog Swap Update No. 11

Our Postage People swap is coming to an end now with less than one week left before the due date.
Today I received another envelope with lovely ATCs from Polly, but I´m still waiting for her link as well as Glenda´s.
For those of you who are on Facebook, I have a link to Brandie´s ATC; if you´re not a member, it may be possible to have a look at it, but you can´t comment.
Yesterday, I´ve sent out personal emails to a few people who haven´t answered my previous emails, but without much effect. So if you read this, Melodee, Melissa, and Tarja, please contact me!
That´s all for today, hope you´re having a sunny week!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Love Can´t Be Measured

Usually, I don´t do scrapbooking, and usually, I avoid making any wedding themed artwork ... so this week´s challenge #410 at The Digi Dares was really challenging for me!
We´ve been asked to scrap a wedding, using something old, something new/shiny, something blue and the year of the wedding in numbers from an alpha. I decided to use my grandparents´ wedding photo again.
(credits: background from Roben Marie Smith, frame from Christina Renee, measure tapes from Manuela Zimmermann, scales from farfarhill, watch from ViVa Artistry, alpha from Miki Ferkul, numbers from Jen Reed)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Postage People Revisited Blog Swap Update No. 10

It´s time for my next swap update, and I must say I´m frustrated because of a lack of feedback to my swap reminder email that I´ve sent out two weeks ago (only to those of you who are concerned, of course). There are still 8 people who signed up for this swap many weeks ago but haven´t responded in any way since, and I have no idea why. With weekly updates, newsletters, reminders, and even posts on Facebook, I thought there were enough ways to follow this swap and to leave comments, send messages telling me about your problems with the swap or any other stuff - but obviously I´ve been wrong. I´ve never had less feedback for any of my swaps in the past from those who already signed up. If you have any suggestions for me how I could improve my "swap management", please let me know.

However, this swap will be finished in less than two weeks, and at least I´ve received 18 envelopes so far. I´ve sent out a second swap reminder today "to whom it may concern", and all I can do is to ask again for your response. So please have a look into your emails (you know who you are) and even into your spam folders, just in case ...
All cards have to be in my hands before June 30, so if you´re from Europe, you should put your envelope in the mail this week, and if you´re from overseas, you have to mail it NOW.
Even if you´re not able to mail your ATCs in time, please let me know!

But wait, there´s some good news today, too: During the last week, I didn´t receive any ATCs, but I have two links to wonderful finished ATCs for you from Sandy and Trisha - please have a look at their cards and leave them a nice comment if you like what you see!

I hope you enjoy the summer sunshine like I do, have a creative week!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Postage People Revisted Blog Swap Update No. 9

It´s Wednesday again, so it´s time for my next swap update.

Last week, I received envelopes from Trudi, Glenda and Brandie, but I only have the link to Trudi´s ATC for you, still waiting for some links to blog posts ... please don´t forget to share your links so that everyone can have a look at your artwork and leave a comment!
Right now I have 18 envelopes here (together with my own finished ATCs of course), but I´m still waiting for 9 more, 7 of them from outside Europe.

Please remember that all ATCs have to be in my hands in three weeks (before June 30).
We have a postal strike in Germany right now which will slow down everything, so I might wait a few days longer, but only if you´ve sent your ATCs in time: That means that you have to send your ATCs before June 15 if you´re from outside Europe and before June 23 if you´re from Europe but outside Germany.
If you won´t be able to meet these deadlines, please let me know and I´ll delete your name from the swap list.

So have a creative week, finish your cards and get your envelopes in the mail please.

Sunday, June 07, 2015

At the Beach

When it comes to summer fun and a day at the beach, I tend to think that less is more, so I´ve kept my card for this week´s Sunday Postcard Art challenge very simple and clear. All images and stamps used here are from Red Lead.

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Postage People Revisited Blog Swap Update No. 8

It´s time for my next update on our swap, and if you wonder about the ATC above - yes, the green Spanish stamp is a real one, the others are just printed on the background paper! The rubber stamped images are from Katzelkraft, MaVinci, VivaLasVegas, and Stampington.

Last week, I´ve received swap ATCs from Gina, Marita, Ulrike, and Trisha, and I´ve had one more sign-up for this swap.
Right now, we´re 29 artists in this swap, and I have received 15 envelopes. Almost all the others haven´t even posted their finished ATCs though all cards have to be in my hands in less than 4 weeks and almost all of them have to travel the long way from overseas ...
If you´re from outside Europe, please finish your ATCs soon and put them in the mail within the next 2 weeks. And don´t forget to scan and post them and then send me the link to your post so that I can pin your cards and share your link in my next update. I`ll send out a reminder to all participants who haven´t sent anything yet.

If you haven´t noticed the new ATCs on our swap board at Pinterest yet, please have a look at Ulrike´s lovely cards on her blog and leave her a comment if you like them.

This swap has reached its final month now, and I can´t wait to see the next results! Have fun creating!