Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Postage People Revisited Blog Swap Update No. 10

It´s time for my next swap update, and I must say I´m frustrated because of a lack of feedback to my swap reminder email that I´ve sent out two weeks ago (only to those of you who are concerned, of course). There are still 8 people who signed up for this swap many weeks ago but haven´t responded in any way since, and I have no idea why. With weekly updates, newsletters, reminders, and even posts on Facebook, I thought there were enough ways to follow this swap and to leave comments, send messages telling me about your problems with the swap or any other stuff - but obviously I´ve been wrong. I´ve never had less feedback for any of my swaps in the past from those who already signed up. If you have any suggestions for me how I could improve my "swap management", please let me know.

However, this swap will be finished in less than two weeks, and at least I´ve received 18 envelopes so far. I´ve sent out a second swap reminder today "to whom it may concern", and all I can do is to ask again for your response. So please have a look into your emails (you know who you are) and even into your spam folders, just in case ...
All cards have to be in my hands before June 30, so if you´re from Europe, you should put your envelope in the mail this week, and if you´re from overseas, you have to mail it NOW.
Even if you´re not able to mail your ATCs in time, please let me know!

But wait, there´s some good news today, too: During the last week, I didn´t receive any ATCs, but I have two links to wonderful finished ATCs for you from Sandy and Trisha - please have a look at their cards and leave them a nice comment if you like what you see!

I hope you enjoy the summer sunshine like I do, have a creative week!


Anonymous said...

Tolles ATC!!!
LG, Christa

ULKAU said...

Das hast du hier so perfekt eingebaut, dass man kaum die Briefmarke erkennt!

Jo Murray said...

it's annoying when people make commitments and don't follow through. I guess the law of statistics says some wont, but that doesn't help when you put in time and effort organising. Well done Marion.

johanna said...

erstens: keine(r) beherrscht die postage People wie du, ich beneide dich, wie du das immer siehst, ich hab da irgendwie gar kein Talent dafür!

und dann: lass ich doch gern haben von den schlafmützigen hanseln, die es nicht mal für nötig halten, sich wenigstens zu melden. die würde ich einfach abschreiben; wenn ihr zeug doch noch verspätet kommt, würde ich es direkt zurückschicken. du hast ja auch noch was anderes zu tun, als jedem schnarchzapfen hinterher zu mailen:)

dann genieße den sommer - ab wochenmitte soll er ja doch noch kommen... - liebe grüße

Kati said...

schmunzel grad noch über johannas Text- grins -
Auch das ATC ist spitze geworden, richtig klasse. Ich drück mal die Daumen dass sich noch alle melden und auch die Post rechtzeitig ankommt. Bei uns kommt seit zwei Wochen keine Briefpost mehr an,wg. Poststreik. Ich habe inzwischen schon eine Liste liegen, wem ich alles Bescheid geben soll, wenn Post eingeht, weil ich schon einige Nachfragen hatte.
Umso schöner zu lesen, dass bei dir noch regelmäßig Post eintrudelt. lg

Glenda said...

Marion, I am sorry I haven't been good at commenting this time round. I love your swaps. Time is not my best friend at the moment. I run out of it very fast. Am a bout to go and look at a lot of the posts and leave comments. Again apologies. hugs G xxx