Monday, April 30, 2018

It´s Party Time Again!

Yes! It´s that time of the year again to celebrate Mischief Circus´ birthday, and it´s the 8th now. As someone who isn´t interested in traditional digital scrapbooking but loves to make digital art, this is really a reason to celebrate - where else could I get the basic images for my kind of digital art?
The theme for this year´s birthday collaboration is "Altered Reality", and I´ve already been shopping tonight ... I´ve made these two samples with Beth Todd´s Songbirdy kits Altered Elements and Papers.
There´s a wonderful sale at Mischief Circus right now, and of course Nancy Baumiller from Crowabout StudioB is having a sale, too!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Mail Art

My sister Sabine is hosting this week´s Sunday Postcard Art challenge, an her theme is Mail Art. Well, tell me "Mail Art", and all I hear is Postage People - so here´s Martin Luther´s wife Katharina von Bora taking a trip to the early 20th century, and it seems like it´s your job to say if this is mail art or not ... all I can say is that I´ve had fun making this card.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Friends for Today

Thanks to my brother-in-law´s help, I´m finally able to print images again, and I couldn´t resist making my first cut and paste collage again immediately ... The background is from Nancy Baumiller´s new release Gratitude Artist Papers, and the other images from her older kits Dear One, Being & Becoming, and Free Spirit Alpha.

Monday, April 02, 2018

Sunday Evening Fun with my Gelli Plate

Yesterday I´ve had time to play with my gelli plate and try a few techniques I hadn´t tried before. I´ve always wanted to make a bird print inspired by Barbara Gray´s lovely video, and here´s my first attempt:
 As you can see, I didn´t follow the steps in the video exactly. Next I´ve tried a transfer technique from a Birgit Koopsen video:

I´ve also made a few backgrounds just to cut them into postcards and ATCs later, but I´ve also scanned them for using them in my digital projects:
These may not look spectacular and have no eye focus, but I´m pretty sure they´ll make great backgrounds - you´ll probably see them used here on my blog sooner or later ...

Sunday, April 01, 2018

It´s Postage People Time Again!

Mandy from the Sunday Postcard Art challenge blog suggested that I could do a Postage People theme once again, and that was a great excuse to pull out my postage stamps album showing heads again (yes, I have a special album for those head stamps ...).
Usually I just try the postage stamps that I have in my collection on several stamped images, but of course you can also use collage images or just draw your own persons. I always end with a bunch of different characters like these ...
Some are too small for a 4 x 6 postcard, so I`ll use them for ATCs, and those that are too big will probably end on an art journal page later. In this case, I´ve picked two characters that seemed to correspond, and I´ve built a story around them, led by the theme of the left postage stamp, chess. As I own several chess stamps and had some appropriate papers and tapes in my stash, the design came together step by step. I really can´t wait to see your Postage People!
Tonight I´ve put together a quick digital Postage People card just to show you that you don´t have to use real stamps if you don´t have any - for my Lincoln and Eisenhower meeting (a historical sensation worth documenting!) I´ve used images from Angie Young, Vicky Robinson, Emily Abramson, Sissy Sparrows, Marcee Duggar, Paula Kesselring, and Little Butterfly Wings.