Sunday, October 03, 2021

Life Book Taster Lessons

Today I started watching the Life Book Taster lessons that are free for two weeks on Tamara Laporte´s Willowing site. 

When I saw Toni Burt´s "Quirky Girl" lesson, I decided to draw while watching it, and the picture below shows the result. Then she started putting watercolour and gouache on it, and I went on and had so much fun emphasizing my sketch. In the end I really liked my quirky character and think I´ll even frame it ...

My first trial of sketching while watching the video lesson was for Tamara´s "Focus on Love" portrait, and I liked that my person looks totally different from her style. I´ve taken notes on her way of colouring and using mixed media on this and will go on when I have more time.

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