Sunday, September 26, 2021

Asemic Writing

I think it was Dina Wakley who introduced me to the term "Asemic Writing". But as a lover of handwriting, handlettering and calligraphy, I´ve always loved the look of letters as a graphic element. For my first card above I´ve used a stamp from Dina and another one from Darkroom Door, but though I liked the result, I wanted to go forward and made this second card below using the same border from Darkroom Door but added my own handwriting and some Dada Stamps from Heindesign, and I think this tells the story much better: Asemic  Writing is about the graphic design of letters, and the concept of Dada is to tell nothing serious, so I´ve brought all this together. I hope that my samples inspire you to show us your own interpretation of this theme! I´ve picked "Asemic Writing" as this week´s theme for the Sunday Postcard Art challenge and can´t wait to see your interpretation of this theme!


Deann said...

Beautiful cards both. Thank you for an interesting and informative challenge, I love learning new things.

Michele said...

these are both stunning. thank you for challenging us with this theme. xo

peggy gatto said...

both are very innovative designs!

Sandra Wright. said...

Totally awesome postcards.
Such a great theme, I never knew what Asemic writing was, yet have seen it so often.
I really enjoyed creating my postcard.

katrin said...

zwei ganz tolle Inspirationen! Und ja Dina Wakley passt das echt super zum Thema. :-)
Hab einen schönen Sonntag &
liebe Grüße

Anne (cornucopia) said...

Your pieces are fantastic, and I love this theme. I searched around to find examples of it, but I think my end results might not fully match what the definition is. (I might make another one. This was such a fun theme to do!)

Deann said...

Sorry Marion I forgot and left it as a draft. It's posted now.