Saturday, March 25, 2023

Postage People Again!

Probably a lot of you remember my blog swaps featuring Postage People. Though these happened long ago, these creatures want to come to life from time to time, and when my sister announced a Postage People swap and I knew I had one week off work, it all worked together. I´m pretty sure that I won´t need all these ATCs for the swap (and I have some more half finished on my table), but as always I just couldn´t stop making them. If you haven´t tried them, just do to feel the addiction. I´ll never get tired of these.


Debbie said...

Oh I remember your Postage People!!! Always awesome. Thanks for sharing them again!
A voice from those times long ago...

Sabine said...

eine wunderbare Kollektion - ich bin gespannt, welche davon ich später im Original bewundern darf

NanaDiana said...

I love those. However, I can't start doing them because I can't have another are so much fun and I do remember seeing them somewhere before! Thanks for playing along on my Pick Your Favorite today! xo Diana