Sunday, June 03, 2007

Found today

I´ve been to a little flea market today with only books and postcards. I couldn´t resist when I found this old postcard to a soldier from the beginning of the 19th century. Maybe he would have liked the plus of consolation I´ve added to the vintage lady ...


ute said...

so schön farbenfroh und heiter

Nicole said...

Ohhhhhh schööön. ;)

cookievf said...

Dear DEAR Marion,

I am so thrilled to be the proud owner of your lovely creation! As you know, it has inspired me to make and trade my very FIRST altered postcard.

I've just received your email, patiently answering all my questions on your techniques & types of cards. I can now fully appreciate what I am holding in my hand! So I am on a hunt to find the perfect card ~ first to look at my personal collections then off to browse local vintage shops!

What fun!
- vicki xo