Monday, January 14, 2008


If you think it´s boring to check out only my own Postage People, just have a look at what other participants of my swap have done - here´s another completely different style by Martine.
Oh, and then Jane had a wonderful hint for me; maybe it´s another inspiration for your Postage People!? You can use LP covers like we use Postage stamps in our swap - have a look here.


manus said...

Nein, langweilig kann das bei diesen Werken gar nicht werden!! Du hast da wirklich einen Virus verbreitet und ich konnte nicht wiederstehen und mußte es auch versuchen;)))

Trixie said...

what great links! I have been trying to work some of your magic with my postage stamps...but it escapes me! Thanks for all the great examples!

Christine said...

Ich staune, dass Dir nie die Ideen ausgehen! Klasse!!!!