Saturday, February 02, 2008

More Postage People Links

And here´s another link for you to see what Bevlea has made for the swap; there are more cards from her here.
And Lay Hoon from Malaysia has also finished her ATCs.
Then Jenene´s cards arrived today from Australia, but she doesn´t have an online album so they will be a surprise for the happy recipients.


Rosie said...

These postage people are amazing! What a fun concept!! I might have to try this at home - heehee! Followed the link from Hermine's place, BTW.

Anonymous said...

Those are wonderful. WHere can I find backgrounds like these? The figures are so quirky and cute.

bockel24 said...

which backgrounds do you mean especially? I usually make my own backgrounds, spraying paints or collaging whatever I find on my desk ... and sometimes a design paper is the perfect fit.