Thursday, September 11, 2008

... and the rest!

Tomorrow we´ll be on our way to Münster and we´ll be in Hagen on Saturday - early enough to trade a few ATCs before the doors of the Stempelmekka will be opened!
These are my last ATCs for this event, I now have 65 cards for trade - well, it´s my nineth Mekka, so I know that this may not be enough ... (I´ve read that others have 80 or 100 ATCs for trade - ouch!!!)


Pam S. said...

question for you....When you trade at an event like this, how do you go about it?
Just curious...if you get to choose or you just swap with everyone...
thanks! Sounds like great FUN!

bockel24 said...

Pam, at such an event I normally trade with almost everyone who asks for a trade. Some people have very simple ATCs looking mass-made especially for the Mekka, that´s a pity, but most trades are wonderful and there are people from several European countries I wouldn´t meet otherwise.

Pam S. said...

that's what happens at in person swaps're expected to trade w/everyone.
I attend three a year and it's hard if you only have a few cards and you want certain ones...we usually walk around and look at everyone's first and that helps, still hard though if you have to say "not this time"... thanks for replying!

Lorri said...

Gorgeous, I love these cards.
I wish I could be there to trade with you in person xo