Thursday, March 12, 2009

Is there anything like Masculine Aesthetics?

... if so, please let me know! It´s always soooo difficult to make a bookmark or a mail art piece for a male person.
(I´m not sure if the person who will receive this bookmark will ever use it. Maybe he´ll like the book that goes with it at least.)


sigrid said...

Masculine aesthetics? Sure there is! Look at cars, machines, architecture, gadgets, and you will see what masculine aesthetics is ;-)
Schönes Buchzeichen jedenfalls!

Marilyn Rock said...

These are great pieces! I see masculine aesthetics every time my husband puts on a fishing show :)

Anonymous said...

;) wenn ich nicht gerad für einen ultrafrommen Mann was stempel, lieg ich mit ein bisken weiblicher Nakeligkeit (fast) immer richtig.

Heike H. aus H.

ute said...

Aufregendes Thema ;-)
hast es für meine Interpretation wunderbar umgesetzt, Männer sind so ;-)