Friday, July 10, 2009

Zetti Blog Swap - Update No. 2

Here´s some news for my 3rd annual blog swap again!
We´ve had 8 more sign-ups during the last week, so now we´re 34 participants in this swap (plus a few who are interested but haven´t made up their minds yet).
Liannallama, you´ve signed up but I don´t have your e-mail - please e-mail me via the link on my blog!

Some of you work fast, so here are more links to finished swap entries from Patty, Laura, Sandy, and Birgit (No. 035-037)! Lovely ATCs, Ladies, I can´t wait to have the first cards in my mailbox!!

And for those who haven´t signed up yet, it´s enough time left to make 3 ATCs and send them to me before August 15/


Marilyn Rock said...

This is going to be a fabulous swap Marion. What wonderful submissions! Thanks for sharing the update. Also; love your faces in the crowd piece. Oh how I know that feeling. Great self portrait. There isn't anything you cannot do! Hugs, Marilyn

peggy gatto said...

Well, I just emailed you that I am looking forward the zetti swap! This will be fun!!!
Thanks for coming by to my party!!!

Taluula said...

Wonderful swap Marion. You can see the first of mine on my blog. I hope to post out all three to you by the middle of the week.

Thanks for looking

Taluula said...

Hi Marion

I've changed the wording on my blog now to show it's an annual swap and this year it's Zetti. Ooooops.

No all three of mine will be different, the other two hopefully made today. So watch this space. :O)

Taluula said...

Swap No 2 is now up on my blog for the challenge.


The Paris Salon said...

Marion this 'wild eyebrow' is fantastic...and (unfortunately) something I have seen frequently in the classroom!!
LOVE that profile image!