Saturday, January 16, 2010

Love Gone Wild

Do you know Lenna Andrews´ swap blog "Creative Swaps"?
She´s running a swap themed "Love Gone Wild" right now, and these are my ATC for that swap. Usually I don´t like romantic themes, but as I´ve found some vintage postcards while searching for pics for another project, I decided to turn them into ATCs for that swap.


Lenna Andrews said...

oh marion,
i love-love-Love your ATCs, they are wild and wonderful! 'I hope he isn't a vampire' : ^ ) thanks so much. I will let you know when they arrive!
: ) lenna
love gone wild ATC Swap!

Anonymous said...

So gefallen mir romantische ATCs auch gut! Die sind alle toll!

Marilyn Rock said...

These are terrific!

cmoh said...

These are supper fun! Did yo add white highlights to the woman's dresses or are the images that detailed???

also, I love the song you have plahying who is the artist?

bockel24 said...

Caroline, the band is "The English Department", and no, I haven´t highlighted the clothes myself this time because the original postcards already looked hand-tinted - they have a special shine that is really nice, and I have used the originals, no photocopies.

katelnorth said...

These are great - hope I get one in the swap - I'd particularly love the vampire one, which made me nearly snort tea up my nose (always a good sign!)... Haven't made mine yet, but perhaps today, while I am waiting for the washing machine repair guy.