Thursday, February 17, 2011

OWOH - The Winners

Now that it´s Thursday, Feb 17th everywhere (and not just here in Germany ;-), it was time to draw the winners of my three giveaways. Here´s what I did: First I deleted a few duplicates and made a numbered list with all 311 people who commented on my blog post. Wow, that´s even more than last year though we´ve had less bloggers participating - thanks for your interest!
Then I used to name my three winners, and here they are:

The ATCs go to Nicole/Beadwright,

the Gothic arches go to Donna,

and the rubber stamps go to Jill Zaheer.

I´ll send individual emails to all three immediately and will send out the gifts before the weekend.

I´ve had so much fun again this year, got to know some wonderful new blogs and signed up as a follower for them, and have more than 30 new followers myself and so many lovely comments on my blog. I even received a few personal mails asking for a trade or telling me about a visit to Germany etc.; I really enjoyed those, thank you!

This has been the last OWOH event, but Lisa will host a different event next year - if you haven´t already read about it, please visit Lisa´s blog and maybe sign up for her newsletter about that new event. I´m looking forward to it!
(BTW, the picture above is a digitally altered photo of mine.)


michelle said...

Hi Marion, just wanted to let you know that you won one of my prizes ! you have won my fabric postcard and beads. I tried to click on your email but it wouldn't work for me so if you come to my blog and click on my profile it has an email link hopefully that will work ! So you can please leave me your address and i can get it mailed to you straight away !


Jill zaheer said...

Thank you so much again Marion. I am so excited to have been one of your winners- though everyone who participated was a winner too! Love looking through your blog and seeing all of your atcs, cccs, tags and still look forward to making some stamp people with vintage stamps I have with heads on them. Thanks again for all!! You're wonderful!

analia cristina said...

estupendos tus atc!!!!!

Marilyn Rock said...

Congratulations to all the winners! Enjoy! xxoo

Beadwright said...

Marion, I am so so so so very happy to have won one of your prizes. I feel so honored and can hardly wait to see the cards.
You have blessed my days.

funkyluke said...

Hi.. you are my winner of the painting( postcard) from funkylukecosmicart
could you please email me your address to..

Beadwright said...

Marion I have sent my address a few times now via email. Maybe it went to the spam file? I just emailed again. Let me know if that you got it.

Cyber monsters.