Saturday, July 02, 2011

Stairs to the Moon

Is this an adult Alice taking the last steps on her way to the moon? Which door will she be able to open after she has gained the sleeping gryphon´s key? Stairs surely have a mystical potential, and that´s why I´ve chosen this story for my Three Muses entry this week.
(Images by PaperWhimsy, Riandesign, FinecraftedDesigns, Pixelmusic, Tangie Baxter and Tartx)


Sue said...

This is lovely....I like the idea of an older Alice....quite thought provoking.

indybev said...

This has to be enlarged to be truly appreciated! I love the concept. Very clever! Thanks for joining in our challenge this week.

Taluula said...

Well, good luck to Alice on getting past that Gryphon ..... sleeping or otherwise! Stunning artwork and gorgeous colour palette, Marion. Thank you for joining in this week.