Monday, January 16, 2012

Don´t Give Up

Today´s lesson 4 page for our Digital Art Journal has the prompt "Goals", so mine illustrates the goal of not giving up but reaching for the stars instead. This one has been difficult because Photoshop crashed several times when I tried to fill in the type loops with colour ... but as this has been one of the learning targets (besides soften a background, warpen a text etc.) I DIDN´T GIVE UP!
The lady´s shape is from Hollie Haradon, the rest is from our class kit.


peggy gatto said...

It's beautiful, a perfect picture for the prompt!
you won a blank calendar(like the ones I used) in my giveaway!
Please send me your address!

Anonymous said...

Going to try this with scrapbooking materials and freehand for daughters graduation card! She is an artist, this is perfect!