Saturday, February 25, 2012

Desperate Housewives, Episode 3748

For a city girl like me, the vision of neighbours watching each and every one of your steps and actions is horrible. But the life of this lady in this spread for my altered book "Untold Stories" turned out even worse: She once dreamed of a quiet life with her husband and daughter in a cute little house, but now her husband has left her, and her dream has turned into a personal nightmare under constant supervision of her neighbours ...
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Sue said...

LOL fabulous pages with a great story behind them:)

Kitten said...

LOVE this! We have moved back to the house I grew up in & escaped as soon as I could. Worst move we've ever made as the neighbors are the same ones from when I was a kid...and they're the nosiest olf farts ever! We don't even acknowledge their presence's more pleasant to just ignore them! What a nightmare & you've captured it perfectly!

Anonymous said...

Hi,delicious work,inspired,I see it on flick too!A cordial greeting!

paintedlady89 said...

Oh, Marion! I do love the wit and humor in your art!
Thank you so much for sharing!
Happy Creating!

manus said...

Das ist eine ganz fantastische Doppelseite! Eine tolle Collage! Die Geschichte erinnert mich zwar sehr an meine aktuelle Situation, glücklicherweise ohne Kind, doch ich bin froh um jeden meiner Nachbarn und mir fällt es schwer sie verlassen zu müssen. Ich könnte mir eben nicht vorstellen in einer Stadt zu wohnen.
Deine Kunst berührt mich jedes Mal!
Alles Liebe, Manuela