Thursday, October 25, 2012

Chasing Deadlines

If you´re swapping internationally, deadlines for special holidays can be pretty early - so the deadline for this year´s Red Lead Christmas swaps is the end of October, which means that I had to send my items before mid October to make sure they arrive in time.

The first swap is for Old Fashioned Christmas ornaments, the second one for wooden Holiday hangers.
I´ve had fun making these though I´m not really in a Christmas mood yet.


Henny said...

I know the feeling... hurry up! Another swap has to been send...
I like your little christmas art, and
that I agree with you too, I don't feel like Christmas yet.
Hope you get back nice cards from the swaps!

Anita Houston said...

Gorgeous Christmas goodness! What a fab swapper you are! Great makes!