Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Home is my Castle Blog Swap Update No. 8

Maybe you´ve noticed that yesterday was the due date for this blog swap, so here´s another update on it with a few statistics as well as the last links.

We´ve been 29 players this year from 5 countries, and 8 of you have participated in one of my blog swaps for the first time. 11 artists are from Germany, 12 from the United States, 3 from Australia, 1 from England, and 2 from Canada.

I have three last links to finished ATCs for you today, and I hope that you´ll go and have a look at the fabulous ATCs from Ingeborg, Claudia, and Christa.

All envelopes arrived but only one, but as this one has been in the mail for more than four weeks now, I´m sure it will arrive soon, so of course I´ll be waiting for it a few days at least! So I won´t be able to swap out all those beauties right now.
In the meantime you can go and leave comments on all cards you like, either on Pinterest or on each blog.
Hope you´ve all had fun with this swap - I know I had!


Jo Murray said...

Ooooooh!...they are all lovely. I can hardly wait to get my hands on my lot.

trisha too said...

Wow, that sounds like a fabulous swap. If you feel like organizing another, I would be delighted to play along.


Anonymous said...

Mir hat es auch viel Spaß gemacht und die ATC sind alle fantastisch!

Sophie said...

So schöne und prächtige Karten, und so herrliche Ideen.
Ich bin wieder sowas von begeistert, Marion :-)