Monday, October 12, 2015

This Little Moment

Marsha from Tumble Fish Studio also has a new kit out today - it´s called "This Little Moment", and I love the muted colours that led me to somehow melancholic samples for you: "Autumn Nights" above and "Artificial Autumn" below. The one below was inspired by paintings from René Magritte of course (you probably know his sentences Ceci n´est pas un pomme and Ceci n´est pas une pipe).
As Marsha´s kit comes with printable collage sheets, you can also use it for any cut and paste artwork.


peggy gatto said...

Just so plain gorgeous, love your presentations!!! I got the kit!!!

ULKAU said...

Heute Morgen hatte ich dieses Bild schon im Shop gesehen und wusste irgendwie gleich, dass es von dir sein musste! Nun auch ein bisschen Magritte von dir, super!
LG Ulrike