Thursday, November 05, 2015

Fish Flakes

Marsha from Tumble Fish Studios has come out with three new "Fish Flakes kits" today - a new line with fabulous collage elements that are very versatile. When I first saw her Foliums kit, I only saw petals, but then I ended using them as tears in my collage above - that´s what I meant with "versatile" ... (I added elements from Marsha´s kits Whatnot 2 and 3 for this collage.)
This second piece was made with her new Fish Flake kit "Crooked Little Houses", combined with a face from the new "Facelifts" and elements from Everland, My Picks and Wild Things.
My third collage combines all three new kits - in fact I´ve layered several Facelifts faces here - to illustrate a quote from Albert Camus.
Three great kits for your digital stash, but as they all come with the images on printable collage sheets, they´re very useful for your cut and paste collages, too.

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