Monday, July 04, 2016

Monthly Mischief: Relax!

Mischief Circus came out with something new today, the Monthly Mischief - several designers made kits with the same theme (Relax) and the same colour scheme, and there´s also a kit that combines elements from several different designers. So you can mix and match all these kits and always get a nice result!
My two samples above were made with Marsha Jorgenson´s Tumble Fish kits Relax 1 and Relax 2 (the first one combines them whereas the second collage was made with kit 2 only).
Below you can find my samples for Nancy Baumiller´s kits Relax Elements and Relax Papers.
As always, all these kits also come with printable collage sheets, so you can use them for your cut and paste artwork as well.

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