Thursday, August 04, 2016

The Raven Shirt

For a T-Shirt stamping contest over at Heindesign, I´ve made this shirt illustrating Edgar Allan Poe´s famous poem "The Raven". The shirt itself was sold by Heindesign and already had the red Stempelmekka logo printed on (the Stempelmekka is the biggest German stamping convention).
I decided to go with black and red only, not only because that colour scheme went well with the logo, but these colours also fit the poem´s atmosphere. I´ve used fabric stamping paint (also sold by Heindesign) and a foam brush to put the paint on the rubber stamps. For my design, I´ve used rubber stamps from Carmen´s Veranda, LaBlanche, Lost Coast Designs, Green Pepper Press, Cherry Pie, and Red Lead. I think it´s amazing how well stamps from 6 different companies work together here to form the final design.


Joyce Berger said...

Totally fabulous, definitely something to crow about!

Anonymous said...

Fantastisch! Hätte nicht gedacht, dass ein weißes T-Shirt so cool werden kann :) Judith XXX