Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Poet Art Dolls

Sometimes my blog may look like I forgot about stamping, cut and paste collage and other non-digital stuff, but rest assured that this isn´t true. For the whole month of December (while there were mainly digital pieces on my blog), I´ve been knitting socks for my sister, writing a hand-calligraphed and illustrated calendar for my mother and making paper dolls for my brother-in-law, for example.
Now that Christmas is over, I´m finally able to show you my Poet Art Dolls. As my brother-in-law likes Goethe, Thomas Mann, and Thomas Bernhard a lot (and as I´ve had great rubber stamps of their heads!), I´ve chosen those three for my dolls.

How have I done these? First I stamped the poets´ heads and cut them out. Then I stamped each and every stack of books that I found in my collection, plus a lot of suitable legs and arms that I all cut out. I´ve tried lots of combinations on black paper that I took photos of when they looked good to me in the end, just as a reference to come back to when it came to the final assembly, like Goethe and Mann here:

Then I coloured the different pieces and assembled them with glue and brads, making only some parts movable.
Before I wrapped them as a gift, I´ve made scans in jpg as well as png format so that I´ll be able to use these dolls in my cut and paste as well as digital collages over and over, even if I gave them away. 
And as this has been such a fun project, I´m not in the process of making more Poet Art Dolls for myself, and I´ve already found pieces for Hermann Hesse:
 and Edgar Allen Poe:
I´ll show you more once they´ve been finished!
(I´ve used stamps from lots of brands like Zettiology and Character Constructions for the arms and legs, and books from Darkroom Door, Stampendous, Tim Holtz, A Capella and others.)

Now what about you? You don´t have to make Poet dolls of course, with books as their bodies, but you can chose your own favourite theme and be creative when it comes to making the body - if you´ve been inspired by my dolls here, please show me your own results with a link in the comments below!


Sheila Johnston said...

These are terrific. You have captured the essence of each writer.

Annie said...

What utter fun you have made with these paper dolls! They are so delightful.

Renee said...

I adore these!