Tuesday, November 14, 2017

A Little Bit of Sparkle

Do you have any of your own collages in your stash that need a new glow, atmosphere or sparkle? Then you should have a look at the new Songbirdy kits Glitzy #1 and Glitzy #2.
For "A Sunny Day" I´ve used an old collage made with Beth´s Attitude set and added 5 pieces of Glitzy #2 on top. Try different blending modes and percentages of opacity, and you´ll get a cool new look - for this sample I went with a summer glow effect that shows that the result does not always have to be sparkly.

But talking about sparkle, just have a look at the next piece (made with Beth´s kits Muse, So Fab, and several pieces from Glitz #1) - here the golden sparkles with green and blue accents make it all shine.
And finally, here´s a collage made with Beth´s kit Pomp that has one piece of Glitz #1 on the upper part to fit the colder tones there, and one piece of the reddish Glitz #2 at the bottom to give that part a warm glow.
These pieces are very versatile and can even be recoloured to fit your needs, so try them yourself!

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Dortesjs said...

Absolutely amazing work ;O))