Wednesday, January 17, 2018

What is DADA?

I think it´s a great rule of thumb, that for Christmas, you should pick gifts that you´d like to receive yourself. I´ve found a lovely and rare Dada rubber stamp that I gave to my sister, but I´ve made a few prints on ATC backgrounds before I wrapped it ... and this month, I´ve been finally able to finish these ATCs, adding other rubber stamps (all from Heindesign), stencils, and images (some Tim Holtz people for the ATCs above and a tape transfer of an Yves Tanguy photo below.

If you want to know more about Dada, you can find info and more art on my blog here and here.


Sabine said...

Ob ich damit auch solche Meisterwerke schaffe???

Kati said...

Ja genau, das hatte ich mich ja auch gefragt, als wir bei Sabine waren *grins*.
toll geworden, besonders die erste

johanna said...

super hast du diesen alten heindesignstempel eingesetzt. ach, mit dada kriegst du mich immer:) tolle atcs!

charlotte k said...

Really, really like this!!