Sunday, May 06, 2018

Don´t wait for your muse to come ...

 ... start NOW! That´s what all artists tell you, and they´re so right - otherwise you´ll get stuck with your projects and have to make Halloween and Winter journal pages in May ;-)
I received two letter journals from my sister Sabine in November and January (?) to make entries in them, and she said that I could take my time, but then came the new job, new worries followed the old ones, I didn´t have any time to create at all for many weeks, and then I felt completely uninspired. Well, today I felt uninspired as always, but at least I´ve had TIME, and so I just started making these and yes, finished them. And in fact, I don´t believe that the results would have been better if I had waited for my muse - sometimes things just have to be done, and you just have to like what comes out. I hope my sister will like these entries, too.


Sabine said...

Oh ja, ich mag beide Seiten sehr und bin schon sehr gespannt auf die Originale. Danke

Rue said...

Hi Bonnie :)

Thank you so much for your very sweet comment on my post about Fred and Pearl!

I think your artwork is lovely, but I know all too well how we judge ourselves. I'm sure your sister loved them :)


bockel24 said...

Hi Rue, here´s Marion, not Bonnie, but thanks for your kind words!

Kati said...

Klasse Seiten, alle beide! Schön, dass du die Zeit nutzen konntest. Und die Inspiration kommt ja eh immer beim Basteln.