Tuesday, February 11, 2020


If you´re from Europe, you will have noticed the heavy storms that went over our continent for the last few days, no matter if you called it Sabine, Ciara or by any other name. I hope that it won´t be that windy anymore from tomorrow on and believe in the saying on my 4 x 6 postcard: Storms don´t last forever! Of course I had to use a postage person, and I´ve had her on my desk for weeks before I found the perfect surroundings for her, but I´m really happy now with the final version.


Tera Callihan said...

Love it!!!!

Anne (cornucopia) said...

She blended in so well, I didn't realize she was a postage stamp until I read your post. Great art piece. Here in the United States, we had some wild weather this past week, too. Not a named storm (I don't think), but we had strong winds and wind gusts, then an unforecast snow squall, then the temperatures plummeted. I think Mother Nature likes to remind us of her presence every once in awhile. :-)

Kati said...

Die find ich richtig cool! toll zusammengestellt und mit Postage People!! Herrlich. Muss ich auch mal wieder machen.

Maureen said...

So excited to see a new postage person! Great work! I love doing postage people thanks to you!!