Sunday, November 14, 2021



Due to Corona, I haven´t left my hometown for almost two years now. But even before, I´ve never been on a plane or outside Europe. When I travel, I love it, but if I don´t, I´m not missing that much. I still enjoy travels I´ve made in the early 80s, and there are many parts of the world that don´t attract me at all.

But what I really love is travelling in my thoughts when reading a GOOD book - even then I prefer some regions and avoid others, but I really love exploring the world through books. 

So this is my card for this week´s Sunday Postcard Art challenge themed "Travel" (hosted by my sister, one of my favourite travel partners!). I´ve used rubber stamps from Stamperia and Kaisercraft for it


Sabine said...

Und die neuen Stempel wurden perfekt eingesetzt!

katrin said...

Moin MArion - du beschreibst es perfekt! Nun schlägt die nächste Welle über uns zusammen, und Reisen geht (wieder nur) mit dem Finger auf der Landkarte, im Kopf & der Fantasie.
TOLL umgesetzt!
Liebe Grüße

Anne (cornucopia) said...

Beautiful art piece. And I can relate to everything you wrote. I haven't traveled anywhere for about two years, now, also, due to covid-19. I used to enjoy getting lost in the world of reading books, but I haven't done much reading in awhile. I need to get back to doing that, because it always brought me enjoyment.

Deann said...

You are so right about books they have saved me the last two years. Art too is a great journey and yours is lovely.

Sim said...

This card is downright beautiful!
I like it a lot, really.
And as I understand you Marion ... Damn covid.
I haven't moved much over the past two years either (as a lot of us), except to visit my family.
On the other hand, like you, I love to read and my house is filling more and more piles of books (they are everywhere :)

Cindy McMath said...

Wonderful card Marion! Thank goodness for books! :)

Mary M. said...

Wonderful card. I love the quote.

jenclair said...

I'm a reader. Every day. And I love mail and postcards--so your quote is perfect!