Sunday, May 08, 2022

Letters from the Past

When I saw this week´s theme for the Sunday Postcard Art challenge, "Letters from the Past", I thought "What a lovely theme, I´ll take part" - but tonight, it has been more difficult than I had planned.

Do you own any handwritten letters from the past, your parents or your grandparents?

I own something handwritten by my father from the early 80s and a stack of love letters from someone I didn´t fall in love with myself from the mid 90s, and I treasure things like these. 

What about you? Do you keep old love letters, old postcards or letters? Do they mean something to you or do you believe that they´re worthless because they express feelings that are long gone?


Vee Cassidy said...

A lovely dreamy postcard. Vee xx

Rosie said...

Eine wunderschöne Karte, liebe Marion. Vielen Dank für's Mitmachen

Anne (cornucopia) said...


Mandy Chilvers said...

Wonderful Marion. I always keep personal letters and cards. Such sentimental items

Sim said...

'Memories' is exactly the apt title of this card (and nostagia too).
I really like your card Marion, smart and elegant.
If I hadn't moved so much, I would certainly still have all the letters I received. I have few left. Some of the most important from my mother, my father and my sister.
Some love letters too. When I have to go far away for a long time or an infinite time, generally, I ask former love senders (there aren't that many :D) if they want me to send their letters back to them; and sometimes they say yes...