Tuesday, May 05, 2009


If you have watched my video about working with Transfer Ink you already know how easy it is to make lovely backgrounds without much planning ahead. Now this piece shows you that the same product is also perfect for working more purposedly - the design here has been well thought out and then put together image after image.
The theme is the life of German artist Heinrich Vogeler (1872-1942) who started and got famous as an Art Deco designer and painter and later changed his life completely to become a political painter and activist. Regardless of the question if his decision made him happy or made him a better artist, I´ve always been fascinated by his way of doing just what he thought was the right thing.
The collage shows some people who have strongly influenced his character, such as Rainer-Maria Rilke, Clara Westhoff, and Paula Modersohn-Becker, as well as two of his early paintings in the background. The quote at the bottom is from Tankred Dorst´s play about Vogeler, "Künstler" (Artist(s)), and says: There you are now, all being painters, and you don´t see what arches upward you so wonderfully.


Marilyn Rock said...

Marion; this is fantastic! It not only tells a story but your art is beautiful for this! Oh; by-the-way - I'm awaiting two bottles of the Transfer Ink :) They should arrive this week. I cannot wait to play with it! Thank you!

katrin said...

die collage und die ganze umsetzung sind einfach nur TOLL!!!
mit der transfertinte habe ich bei meinem epson-drucker leider keine chance ... *snief*

Nancy Maxwell James said...

I love the story this piece tells! beautiful images and composition :)