Saturday, June 13, 2009

Magical Garden

The theme for Linda´s 6 x 6 tip-in book is "Flowers, Fairies, and a Magical Garden" - not one of my preferred themes usually. But that´s the good thing with round robin projects: Sometimes you´re challenged to do a theme you wouldn´t have chosen yourself, and in the end you´re really satisfied with the result. This is what happened here. The face in the rose is an image from a tapestry made by Edward Burne-Jones. I have sanded it and overworked it with the same watercolour pencils that I´ve used for the rest of the pages.


Laura Haviland said...

This is truly magical, Marion.
I love these,wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I added your link to my blog.
Again love ALL OF these, I almost bought that bird in nest stamp. Boo hoo.
Maybe we could trade some stamped imgages. LOL.Maybe?
That is just lovely, YOUR SO TALENTED !!!
Hugs, Laura.

Martina2801 said...

Wunderschöööön !

Anonymous said...

"Garden Spirit" gefällt mir gut, obwohl auch ich mit der Feenwelt eigentlich so gar nichts anfangen kann.

Marilyn Rock said...

Beautiful Marion!

Alberta and Ava said...

This is enchanting! It's my first time here at your blog, and I will definitely be back!