Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Beatles Swap Update No. 7

Time for another swap update, but as you can see I´m running out of ATCs for these updates, LOL! So here´s a 4 x 6 card just to illustrate the theme ...

Last week I´ve been watching a DVD with the musical "Across the Universe" - do you already know that movie? I like it a lot and sang and whistled half of the time because the soundtrack is a compilation of songs written by The Beatles, but sung and arranged quite different from the originals. The DVD extras show that the actors sang all the titles themselves, sometimes live, and that´s what makes this movie so lovely. I even recognized Bono as Dr. Roberts :-) If you still need some inspiration for your Beatles songs ATCs, just go and watch that movie! But hurry up, your ATCs should be in my mailbox before Saturday!

Since my last update, I received ATCs from Charlotte, Katrin, Debbie (sorry, I e-mailed you twice to say I got them, but my mails both came back to me!), Linda, Marnie, and Sabine D. So there are now 16 entries in my swap box, but I´m waiting for 5 more - hope théy´ll arrive this week!

And here are more links for you to finished ATCs from Fatma 1, 2, and 3, Charlotte, and Sabine D. - have fun looking at them!


Trudi Sissons - Two Dresses Studio said...

Hi Marion - Yes - I've watched that movie a couple of times, my dh loves it. Did you know that many of the actors were relatively unknown...I also watched a documentary about the woman who had the idea - the director - i think and how she went about seeking permission to create the film. It is a great sing-a-long flick isn't it?

And your postcard with the famous four is fabulous. I'd forgotten that there will be mail from Germany coming from this swap - always a bonus but just as much fun making them!

Kitten said...

Hey Marion...
hmmmm...I have no idea why your email wouldn't go through to me...but I'm happy to know my ATCs arrived on time. Enjoy your goodies & thanks again for the FUN swap!

2amscrapper said...

Hi Red Lead Swap Sister! Thanks for the comment on my blog. Great art here--I'm following you now. The Beatles swap is a wonderful idea.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Love your card Marion, it's FAB! yes, i have seen that movie, but i think I'll go watch it again.... and i'm really looking forward to my returns. : ) thanks for hosting, lenna
p.s. I have dylan song lyric ATCs on my blog now, look what you got me started doing!!!!!

Marilyn Rock said...

Your card is awesome! I have not seen the movie.

Lillibelle said...

Thema super umgesetzt liebe Marion!
Ein geniales Teilchen!
Bin hellauf begeistert.

cookievf said...

Gorgeous card!!! Just love this one!

I am busy making and selling jewelry (handmade earrings, photo & collage pendants) locally and just opened my etsy! Hooray - please be sure to take a peek (link's on my blog)

Hope you are well, my friend.
- vicki xo