Wednesday, August 29, 2012


This week´s Three Muses challenge theme is Masculine, so I´ve asked myself: What is masculine? Really, I don´t know - I´m a woman who doesn´t like pink and pastels, who doesn´t collect handbags or shoes and who doesn´t like shopping, who never wanted to be a princess and who isn´t interested in royals and celebrities at all, but I like hard rock and soccer ... so am I not feminine?
You all know Michelangelo´s painting of god´s hand reaching Adam´s ... is it really a masculine act to create? Do you think that technics and logic are typically masculine?
Isn´t that all ridiculous?

(images used are by Beth Rimmer, Finecrafted Designs and Krysty Scrap)


Liz said...

I adore the sentiment and the man having a jolly good laugh. Excellent

Junibears said...

The saying is great and I totally agree with your sentiment. Great piece by the way! xx

Barbara said...

Ah, this is a great piece!

peggy gatto said...

Brilliant design!!!

indybev said...

Well, now you've got me all confused! I like the text, and the art is great! ,,,,, and if I can read those danged identifying letters and number it will be a small miracle!

Sophie said...

Eine tolle Karte, Marion.
Und dein Text dazu trifft den Punkt.
Das kann ich nur unterstreichen :-)

Ganz liebe Grüße

Unknown said...

Excellent point you make. Much of what you say applies to me too (although I do like pink, but not to excess.)