Friday, October 18, 2013

Sisters with Attitute - My Pages

I´ve told you before about this project organized by my friend Trudi Sissons who invited the whole Tumble Fish Studio creative team to make some 5 x 5 pages using Marsha´s images with the relatively new product called Craft Attitude. It´s a transparent film that you can print on with your inkjet printer, then adhere (glue, laminate or iron) it to your background. The background I´ve used for these two pages is an embossed paper that I´ve collaged with old dictionary pages, old cancelled postage stamps, maps and sheet music. You could also use rubber stamps or whatever you like to see through your transparent image.

If you have questions about Craft Attitude art film,  please visit the FAQ section at:

Today you´ll find my two pages for this project on the Craft Attitude community page as well as on their Facebook page. And don´t forget to have a look at all the other pages from our great team - here´s the schedule:
October 14 - Trudi Sissons from Canada - Announcement of "Sisters with Attitude" 1 image
October 15 - Jayne Alexander from  England - 1 image
October 16 - Mary Bailey from  Washington - 9 images
October 17 - Nancy Baumiller from  Missouri - 1 image
October 18 - Marion Bockelmann from  Germany - 2 images
October 19 - Amber Tabangay from  New York, 3 images
October 20 - Trudi Sissons from  Canada - 2 images
October 21 - Renee Stien from  Minnesota - 1 image
October 22 - Tracey Parker from Uniontown, Ohio - 2 images
October 23 - Fiona Randall from the United Kingdom - 1 image
October 24 - Donna B. Miller from  Kentucky - 2 images
October 25 - Melissa Kaye from Texas - 1 image
October 26 - Dale Botha from  South Africa - 2 images
October 27 - Marsha Jorgensen from  California - 3 images

If you have a chance to try Craft Attitude, you should try it - it´s fun and gives your finished piece a lovely smooth surface, and I´ve found it easy to use: I had no problems printing on it and glueing it to my base papers with a glue stick. On the page above you can see that the texture of the embossed paper I´ve used looks great and is easily visible.


.Trudi Sissons said...

You are a delight to know Marion - I especially like the "attitude" you were able to convey in your artwork. Your style always sneaks beyond the surface to lead me to a deeper meaning or emotion underneath. I love that about your approach to mixed media.

Thanks so much for participating.

Jo Murray said...

That's a very interesting product Marion. Hope it comes to Australia soon.