Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sweeney Todd

Have you ever seen Tim Burton´s film "Sweeney Todd"? I´ve only seen it on TV, but I remember that it was a very bloody story ... What I didn´t know is that the story was published as a Penny Dreadful in 1846 and that it was first filmed in 1936. Then in 1979 there was the musical followed by Burton´s film in 2007.
Now Hidden Vintage Studios and Marta van Eck have come out with a collaboration at Deviant Scrap inspired by "The Demon Barber". I´ve used both their kits for my digital collage above showing Sweeney before starting to "shave" the judge who ruined his family while Mrs Lovett is waiting outside for new flesh she can use in her pastry.
Both kits can be used for any Halloween themes and for totally different themed artwork, too!


Jo Murray said...

LOVE the film...and your derivative piece.

Sandra said...

der film steht hier seit einer halben ewigkeit, aber ehrlich gesagt hab ich mich noch nicht rangetraut. ein singender johnny depp macht mir irgendwie angst :)
liebe grüße,