Monday, April 07, 2014

Our World Our Art

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For all visitors who come to my blog via Lisa Swifka´s Our World Our Art international blogwide artistic event, here´s a little info about me:

I´m Marion from Germany, a self taught mixed media artist who loves to blog. I´ve been running my blog since 2006 and have met many wonderful friends and artists that way. Though there are other ways and places to meet people online, I´ve found out that nothing can beat your blog to show other people who you really are - you can make your own rules, design it just the way you want it to look like, and you can post whenever you want, plus posting doesn´t take more than a few minutes. I love to visit other artists´ blogs and often take the time to leave them comments because I know how much encouragement and joy they bring.
I´m even hosting annual ATC swaps on my blog - if you´re interested in taking part in my current one (just scroll down a bit), please let me know.

I´ve started my online activities mostly as a stamper but switched to mixed-media art very soon - you´ll notice that most of my artwork still features some rubber stamped images though. Nowadays I love to combine stamping with other techniques such as painting, cut and paste collage, and even digital collage - mixing these to find the perfect expression of what I want to say is my artistic passion.

As my gift giveaway, I´ve chosen three postcards that illustrate my favourite techniques and that have been published in one way or another:
Card 1 was published in an article about the Sunday Postcard Art challenge blog in Artful Blogging Spring 2009.

 Card 2 was published with my article about Postage People in Just Stamps 2/2009.

I demonstrate how I made this third card in my Youtube video about sanding here.

You can win one of the three postcards above if you´re a blogger anywhere in the world. Just leave a comment under this blog post with a way to contact you if your blog doesn´t provide an email link.
Winners will be announced on April 19, 2014, after the OWOA event was closed.
Can´t wait to get to know you all!


Helen Campbell said...

Your post cards are awesome! I adore mixed media also! Cheers! Helen @ Natures Walk Studio

Joyce Berger said...

I was so happy to discover your youtube tuts...see you at work was so interesting!

Sherry said...

Hello Marion, your collages look wonderful. I've just read your bird people ATC post - sounds really interesting. I've made a note to come back and sign up (I think I'll be making lots of notes along this journey!) Thanks for already come to see my OWOA post and for your lovely comment.

Sherry My OWOA post is here.

A Magical Whimsy said...

Hi, Marion
It is so nice to meet your for the OWOA event. I see you enjoy mixed media art too. It is so inspirational and there are wonderful embellishments of all types when making mixed media art.
I see you have been published in Stampington publications. Congratulations for being published!
Take care, and here is my email address for your sweet giveaway.
Teresa in California

Bonnie Schulte said...

Once again, I am so amazed by your art, Marion. You create such interesting pieces, and I never tire of looking at what you have done. In fact, much of your art I've pinned to my pinterest page (Art Inspiration). You always have fresh and new ideas, but I still know it's your style art, when I see it.
Bonnie Schulte in WI

Patty Antle said...

It is a delight to see your art. Just lovely!

Michelle said...

Such beautiful postcards. I really like the message on the bottom one, it's something I need to start doing in my life. I had no idea what sanding was and I had to go look at your video. Such a unique idea and way to get a different look in your work. I will never stop being amazed at the wonders of mixed media.


Linda said...

What gorgeous postcards, just lovely!

Nice to meet you! Have fun, hope you get lots of visitors.

Michaele said...

Hello Marion! I'm Michaele, and I live in Kansas, USA. Your mixed media cards are lovely: I'd love to learn how to layer, layer, and layer, without everything becoming too bulky. Stamps and digital alteration may be the next techniques for me to learn about! I do hope you'll visit me at Twigs and Tulle over the next few weeks!


Dragonlady said...

Your art is lovely..

Titbelsoeur, mixed-media addict said...

greetings from France !
I love your cards, especially the 1st one !
feel free to visit my blog, I would love to welcome you !

Sandy said...

Hi, Marion - I LOVE your art. Always thoughtfully put together with fun design and wonderful color palettes. I'm so glad we met through altered art!

Lisa Oceandreamer Swifka said...

Marion thank you so much for participating in's proving to be a quiet event this go round but that's ok. Gives people a real chance to spend time getting to know one another.
Your mixed media art is wonderful and has such great dimension and thought.

Jo Murray said...

Hi Marion, it's always good to know more about blogging friends. I always love what you do and any of these postcards would be a delight to own. Good luck everyone.

trisha too said...

Hello, Marion! I've been blog visiting you now and again for years, your collage/atcs are always a delight!

Happy OWOA!
trisha2too at hotmail dot com

Singtatter said...

I make ATCs most of the time, just did a few postcards. Lovely postcards you do, will go through to see what techniques I can learn to use. Thanks!

Birgit said...

Hallo Marion,

jetzt habe ich doch glatt den Anfang von Lisas Party verpaßt, obwohl ich monatelang immer wieder einen Blick auf die Organisationsseite geworfen habe... Dabei hätte ich sogar schon ein Gastgeschenk fertig, aber leider keine anderen passenden Fotos für ein schönes Posting. ARGH!

Dennoch -- schön, daß Du Teil der Party bist. Ich besuche ja immer gerne Deinen Blog und schaue Deinen neuen ATCs an. :)

Liebe Grüße aus München,

Carmen said...

Well hows that for random! I literally just signed up to an ATC swap involving collaging stamps as heads. I posted about it on Facebook and a friend said "you should check out Marion Bockel for inspiration!" I think, I'll do that later. Meantime I'll catch up on the participants of OWOA as, gutted that I missed the deadline, would still like to see the bloggers who did take part. And you're here! And showing your stamp people! This little bit of coincidence today has made me smile big time.

By the way - my friend was right, I'll have to leave your page open for a good old look through. I love what you've shown on this post :)

Carmen x