Saturday, June 14, 2014

Bird People Blog Swap Update No. 11 - swapped!

Yesterday, I took all ATCs to the office to swap them out there (because I don´t have enough space at home) - take a look at the photo below and you´ll get an idea of how long it took me to sort these out, especially as I tried to follow my lists with your comments on your favourites ...
Well, 1 1/2 hours later it was done, and when I returned home, I checked every envelope again and put a note in, then weighed them and put stamps on them. Today 29 envelopes were dropped in the mailbox, and if you´re from Germany, you should watch your own mailbox on Monday!
I´ve had to keep 5 envelopes (those for Dagmar, Ulrike, Martina, Ann, and Sirkkis) because their returns need to be completed with the ATCs from Michele and Lay Hoon that are still on their way ... however, you won´t have to wait forever - if it looks like one of these envelopes got lost in the mail, I´ll fill the gaps with my own ATCs (that´s why I always make so many, and to illustrate my updates of course) and send them out!

I´m asking you all to
- notify me when you received your returns,
- send a short thank you email to the three artists whose ATCs you received.
(And please keep in mind that not everyone likes to see her own artwork on someone else´s blog, so before you post a picture of your returns, you should ask those artists whose work you´d like to show for their permission!)

Please don´t forget about the notification as it´s necessary for me to keep track of the swap!! It´s really a lot of unnecessary work for me to ask everyone if your returns arrived or not, and you know that I need that information because I usually replace envelopes that have been lost ...
If you need an email address of one of the artists to send your thank you note and you can´t find it on the card or it´s illegible, just ask me, and I´ll help you. And if you´d like to know who received your ATCs, I´ll be able to answer that, too.

So - let´s hope that the postal services will work quickly and that your mailboxes will be filled soon!
Thanks to each and everyone of you for making this another great swap with wonderful artwork!


peggy gatto said...

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Analia Cristina said...

Beautiful your atc!!I love the swaps!!!

Jo Murray said...

A massive amount of work for you....but you do it so well! Many, many thanks Marion.

ULKAU said...

Wirklich eine Wahnsinnsleistung von dir - sehr beeindruckend die große bunte Menge an ATCs!
Ich warte gerne noch und hoffe, dass die Post aus Übersee bald bei dir eintrifft.
Danke für dieses schöne Swapthema!
LG Ulrike