Saturday, June 28, 2014

Bird People Blog Swap Update No. 12

As you all know, I´ve been waiting for the last two envelopes to arrive - but they didn´t. Who knows if they´re still at the customs or if these two envelopes from the U. S. and Malaysia got lost. However, I won´t let the five participants whose returns haven´t been sent yet wait any longer, so I´ll replace the missing ATCs with my own or with extra ATCs sent to me, and send out the returns for Ann, Sirkkis, Martina, Dagmar and Ulrike on Monday. I´m sorry that you´d have to wait for your returns so long!
With so many envelopes being held up in the customs nowadays, I´m not sure if it´s possible to have international swaps like this in the future. I´ll have to think about it before I decide if I´ll have another blog swap next year.
And I´ll send out another newsletter to the other participants because I haven´t heard from 7 of you, and I think that are too many after two weeks. If you´ve received your returns and haven´t sent me an email yet, please let me know NOW.


Jo Murray said...

It seems very unlikely that so many would simply get lost in the mail. Hope you get a response soon.

ULKAU said...

Meine von dir verschickten ATCs haben ihre Empfänger alle bereits erreicht, und ich bedanke mich für die netten Kommentare.
Es wäre wirklich traurig, wenn du keine internationalen Swaps mehr durchführen würdest!
Dickes Dankeschön an dich, liebe Marion.
LG Ulrike