Saturday, September 07, 2019

New Postage People ATCs

These are nine new Postage People ATCs fresh from my kitchen table - and if you´ve ever tried to make some of these, you know that it´s hard to stop! I have a few more "people" put together who just haven´t found their surroundings yet, but I´m quite happy with these so far. Some of them are for a swap in one of my ATC trading groups, and the rest will go to my trading album ... much needed because there´ll be Germany´s biggest stamping fair next week, and I don´t have enough ATCs in my album to trade with all my stamping friends I´ll meet there.
Can you help me to find out the best ATCs for the swap? Which are your favourites? Please tell me, and I´ll be happy to follow your tips.


Mandy Chilvers said...

these are fantastic Marion. you are such a genius. i must get my postage stamp heads out and make some more people. one of my ultimate fave things to do.


ULKAU said...

Die Katz mit Käppi und Matrosendress ist ja auch mal eine nette Idee, und Pina mit dem Weinglas finde ich auch herrlich! Ich freu mich, dass wir uns am Samstag nach einem wieder so schnell vergangenen Jahr wieder sehen auf dem Mekka!
Aber zum Tauschen mache ich schon lang nichts mehr...aber da fällt mir jetzt ein, ich könnte ja einige doppelt gearbeitete Alphabet-Kärtchen mitbringen...
Bis bald, liebe Grüße Ulrike said...

I like the top row far left and the bottom row far left the best -- but they are all very fun! Maybe it is time for me to get busy and make some more Staamp Heads too. They are fun! Good job!!