Friday, May 29, 2020

Lynne Perrella Inspired ATCs

It seems that many people have more time for their hobbies right now, but I haven´t. I´m still working 40 hours a week and more outside my home, and as canteens are closed and there are waiting lines at the supermarket, I don´t have much time left for myself. So I´m really happy when I´m able to make something in my studio aka my kitchen table that is worth to be sent to a swap host or to be posted here on my blog.
I´ve had the lower row of Lynne Perrella themed ATCs shown here finished on my desk for weeks, and I´ve had two of them from the row above almost finished, but I just haven´t had any time left to finish my project that was on short-term for the end of May.
Yesterday I´ve had an extremely busy day at the office and even had to stay there longer, but in the evening I snatched two CDs with new music from my library and sat down at my kitchen table with a glass of wine, and I´ve had a great evening - and in the end, I had this batch of ATCs that I´m quite satisfied with and that goes in the mail tomorrow.
Sometimes it just takes a plan, one spare evening, and some music and wine to make you happy, and "art" always does ...

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