Sunday, November 08, 2009


Here´s my Berlin card for Katrin´s Travel around the World swap. It´s always a challenge to find a stamp for each card, and this time I really thought I didn´t have a Berlin stamp. But when I flipped through my folder, I was surprised to see that the little Dada stamp at the top features the words "Berlin Friedenau"!
The two boys in the bottom left corner look like the working class children Heinrich Zille has drawn in the 19th century, so I let them have a look at what Berlin has become now: a very big city with a mixture of old and new buildings, museums, and remains of history everywhere - illustrated by the Gedächtniskirche as a monument of destruction as well as Eisenberg´s Holocaust monument. The two boys would hardly recognize their town today.
This one goes to Sandy, hope she´ll like it.


katrin said...

marion - deine karte ist einfach wieder eine KLASSE FÜR SICH geworden. und zeigt ganz viel von "meinem berlin". (obwohl meine eigene karte ganz anders ausgefaööen ist. *lach*)
die jungen könnten wirklich von pinselheinrich sein. ich bin wie immer SEEEEEEEEEEEEEHR begeistert, wie du das wieder umgesetzt hast!!!

Kathy McCreedy said...

Hi Marion! Hope you are doing well!!! I stopped by and was amused to see your very cool Berlin reference today... I, too, posted about Berlin today! Great drawing and story to go with it... have a wonderful Sunday!

Marilyn Rock said...

This is marvelous!