Saturday, November 07, 2009

The Music of Nature

I´ve been looking forward to trying the fourth part of Helga´s challenge for a few days now. Whenever I´ve been out during the last days, I´ve collected nature materials wherever I could find them - at the bus stop, on my balcony, on my way to the supermarket. Here you can see my collection lying on the gessoed pages of my journal.
Since we´ve had weeks of grey and wet days, I´m longing for colours right now - I even wear a red (!!) coat from time to time which is VERY unusual for me, LOL. So I didn´t pick natural colours for my project but a light blue, turquoise, dark green, and dark blue.
This is how my stuff looked after my pages were finished ... this has been a MESSY challenge! Sometimes I wish I had a studio so that I wouldn´t have to do all that on my kitchen table.
On my left page you can see the shapes of a small twig, of beech tree leaves, of a flower umbel, and of those maple parts that are often called "noses" in German - what´s the English name?

On the right you have the circle imprint of the little "hats" of acorns, a dove´s feather, some rosemary from my balcony, and a maple leaf together with some rose leaves.


froebelsternchen Susi said...

das ist wunderschön n diesen Farben .... Naturdruck!

bin gespannt wie´s damit weitergeht!

lg Susi

Queen Of Toys said...

This looks totally cool, i am now off to see what the challenge is really about and maybe give it a go.

Love your colour choice.

Helga Strauss said...

Ooo, fantastic prints, Marion! I especially loved your prints from acorn caps! Makes me want to run out and find some acorns right now! Thanks so much for playing! : )

Buddhini Ekanayake said...

this is great and I love your chosen color theme. Fabulous work :)