Monday, November 02, 2009

Helga´s Online Class part 3

For the third part of her online class, Helga wants us to pick a magazine page that inspires us colourlike, then gather some stuff we have at hand in these colours and make a collage with it using circles again. My page has been too large for my scanner, so the scan above doesn´t give the correct colour balance on the original page.
If you know me a bit, you know that I don´t like colour themes, so this has been a challenge for me. And I´ve chosen a page that combines colours I usually wouldn´t combine myself: light blue, dark grey, dark blue, a bright green, chocolate brown, and a touch of light purple.
And here´s what I´ve made with these colours - the words "timeless reflection" led me to use clocks as my circles this week:


Helga Strauss said...

Wow, Marion, your collage is gorgeous! I'm surprised that you're not usually comfortable with handled this challenge like a pro! Well done! : )

Marilyn Rock said...

Super job Marion! Love your use of the watches for circles! You did marvelously with the colors! xxoo

Buddhini Ekanayake said...

Gorgeous work Marion. Love your work.