Saturday, October 09, 2010

School Days

Do you remember my tip-in project themed School Days? After I have received the pages from the other participants and have showed my covers here, I´ve finally made my own spread tonight. I´ll show you the finished book in the next days.
My school days have been from 1970 to 1983, so you will remember that there were NO stylish satchels or clothes as pupils have nowadays. The building you see here was my actual school from the 5th to the 13th year. It had closed a few years after I´ve left school, but I´m happy to hear that it will soon be used as a school again! Isn´t it a lovely building? It was built in 1905, and it has been so nice to learn in such an old building and not in one of those new ones where each floor looks like all the others.
The boy on the right is one of my favourite photos from my family album, but I don´t know the girls on the left - this image just spoke to me, and the reason why I painted their cardigans in blue for the younger girl and red for the older girl is because during my first years at school I had to wear the same sweater design in blue first (which I got from my five years older sister) and then in red again three years later (from my eight years older sister) ... do I have to mention that it always had been out of fashion when I got the first one? Well, I´ve been an ugly child, and these clothes made it even worse. I´m happy to say that things like that didn´t really matter in those old times.
The words "Don´t do this and don´t do that" are from a song of my school days, Supertramp´s "School" from 1974. Whenever I hear that song or that LP (not CD of course!), it reminds me of my own school days.


Marilyn Rock said...

I have many favorites of yours Marion but these School Days just top the charts for me! So meaningful and beautiful! xxoo

JeanFB said...

What a fabulous spread! I love that you've used pictures and themes that are so meaningful to you, a walk down memory lane. Your techniques are beautiful, a gorgeous collage!

Karen Owen said...

This spread is delightful and even more special because you included your memories.

Halle said...

What a fantastic spread!!